Wednesday, 4 April 2012

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“Seseorang itu adalah mengikut agama temannya, oleh itu hendaklah seseorang itu meneliti siapa yang menjadi temannya. ” (Hadis riwayat Abu Daud).

Actually this wallpost ade special sikit cause saye tujukan untuk kawan saye,Afifah Haziqah ..
Dear fifah,
May Allah bless you with His Kindness. In the best of imaan and in the pink of health.
No words to describe my feelings of love for this bond of ukhwah. I appreciate our ukhwah and I pray that Allah will always protect us from any harm. I pray that may Allah grant us Jannah because of this sincerity.Even we’re far away in this world, but deep down in heart, we’re so close, insyaAllah.Last but not least, may Allah lead us to the right path. May we become solehah muslimah keyh,fifah.

                                          "thanks kamuu for keep remind me" ~      
Indahnya suatu persahabatan itu apabila ia wujud kerana Dia. Indahnya bila cinta yang ada kerana Dia. Indahnya kasih sayang yang wujud kerana Dia. Indahnya bila segalanya disandarkan hanya kerana Dia. Indahnya bila segala perbezaan disatukan kerana matlamat yang satu, iaitu menggapai redha-Nya.
" If two hearts are meant to be friends,no matter how long it takes,how far they go,how tough it seems,fate will bring them together to share friendship forever.."

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